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celebration ring

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Atelier Bosc's gorgeous celebration ring is a wonderful tradition to incorporate into your home and family.  It easily and beautifully allows you to celebrate seasons and the various associated holidays, in addition to celebrating your child/s birthdays - embellish any space.  From a German tradition, the ring celebrates the first twelve years of a child's life with it being decorated with wooden decorations, candles, beeswax figurines, elements of nature or any other pretty creations - when the candles are lit beautiful memories can be shared. 

Handmade from cherry wood with 12 holes and finished with a natural blend of beeswax and food grade mineral oil, the ring is separated in two to allow different ways to present it and easy storage.  Measuring 23cm in external diameter (16cm in internal diameter) and 1.7cm in diameter of each hole.  Please note, it is important to use candle holders when using candles on the celebration ring for safety reason.  Decorations, candles and candle holders sold separately.