twisted beeswax party candle - pack

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Handmade in their home candle studio, Oakmoss have created a unique and fun twist on traditional beeswax birthday candles, taking two of their straight taper candles and twisting them together to make one delightful twisted candle.  These 11cm beeswax candles are hand dipped in small batches, have cotton wicks, are non-toxic and fragrance free.  Each candle burns for approximately 25 - 30 minutes and can we reused several times.  At the top of each candle, the wicks are joined in a loop, there is no need to cut the wicks, just light the loop to light your candle.  Please note, beeswax is a natural substance and with each candle being handmade slight variations may occur.

Important  - Candles should never be left unattended, please be especially mindful of burning candles when children are close by.