The Glitter Tribe

under the sea eco glitter

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Make your mermaid tail ‘next level’ with this sparkly, multi-textured blend, also suitable for seahorses and pirate eye patches.  The glitter tribe eco glitter is made from plants not plastic, no matter where it ends up when this lovely glitter has done all it can for you, mother nature will consume and break it down within 90 days.  It's certified OK Biodegradable Water which means it is guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment.  This beautiful eco glitter can be used for arts and crafts, perfect for potion making and sparkling up sensory play, it can be kneaded into playdough or mixed in with slime.  It is also suitable for face, hair, body and nails as it is FDA approved, no need for harsh glue it can simply be put on with a chap stick, aloe vera gel or a paw paw balm.  Packaged in a 10ml glass jar.